Ambigram domain and URL

This is the index page of the ambigrammatic domain

You can reach it by typing "" into the address field of your browser

An ambigram is a text (generally: any sequence of letters and numbers) which can be read from a different perspective, yielding either the same or a different word as when reading normally. "Different perspective" here means e.g. reading it upside down, reflected in a miror, exchanging the roles of background and foreground, etc.

"Classical" ambigrams are rotational ambigrams which can be read upside down. They thus have a two-fold rotational symmetry around the center of the character string. is a rotational ambigram. A page with the same domain, expanded to a fully qualified ambigram URL, is:

To the best of my knowledge, this and by Niolas Graner (see his home page ) are the only URL ambigrams in the web. Nicolas has also created a palindromic URL.

For more information on ambigrams (not to be confused with anagrams), check out the Wikipedia article.

For some brainstorming on ambigram domains, see this entry in Erik Rasmussens blog.

You can also can create (and buy) ambigrams of your own.